Our Services

Billet Industries offers a range of designing services, 3D printing services, and CNC machining services for a wide variety of industries.

From start to finish, our experienced technicians can walk you through the process of manufacturing a detailed and high quality product.

No matter what kind of parts you need to produce, Billet is here to help you make your vision a reality.

State Of The Art Machinery

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of machined parts; all custom built to your exact specifications. We strive to develop long lasting relationships with every client we serve. We believe in delivering quality parts when and where you need them, all at competitive pricing.

CAD Design

Our core strengths of 3D solid modeling and 2D details drawing are complimented by our manufacturing knowledge, having been in the industry for many years. Working with SolidWorks allows us to provide design files in a variety of formats for prototype, products development, reverse engineering and design for manufacture.

Precision CNC Machining Services

Precision machining is the process of shaping large pieces of material – like bronze, glass, graphite, plastics, steel, and other metals – into smaller, more precise parts. 

With a combination of cutting, milling, and lathe turning, our experienced technicians can craft parts to the exact specifications you need. 

Our CNC machining services allow for the automatic machining of dozens of parts, making it perfect for aerospace engineering, medical parts, marine parts, and so much more!

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3D Printing Service CAD Design

3D CAD Design

With Solidworks 3D Design

At Billet we know that a quality part needs a quality design. That’s why we use Solidworks 3D design technology. 

Solidworks 3D CAD design is an easy-to-use software that creates parts and assembly designs efficiently. 

This powerful tool is the first step in helping your business shorten production time, increase quality, troubleshoot errors, and decrease your manufacturing costs. 

At Billet Industries, we utilize this multifaceted technology to make your designs come to life, and transform your ideas into products. 

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3D Printing Services

3D printing has multiple applications in our modern age for a host of professional industries. 

Our machines allow you to produce high quality parts at a rapid speed and low overhead cost, and the consistency and detail in your final product is guaranteed. 

3D printing services also allow you to design and test multiple prototypes at a cost effective rate!

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3D Printing Services