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Solidworks 3D CAD design is an easy-to-use software that creates parts and assembly designs efficiently. 

Solidworks is used by small businesses and massive manufacturers alike, and is an industry leader in manufacturing design.

How Does Solidworks CAD Help Create High Quality CAD 3D Models?

Building a model with Solidworks CAD software typically begins with a 2D sketch laying out points, lines, and arcs. 

Dimensions are then added to the sketch to finalize specific sizes on the original 2D model. Drawings can also be created from existing parts.

This powerful tool is the first step in helping your business shorten production time, increase quality, troubleshoot errors, and decrease your manufacturing costs. 

At Billet Industries, we utilize this multifaceted technology to make your designs come to life. 

We’re here to transform your ideas into products with the help of Solidwork CAD. 

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